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On this page you will find some pictures of the south area of Schoenefeld airport from August of 1960. They will give you an impression of how the airport looked 40 years ago.
Biplanes, such as the Antonov AN-2, can still be found today on the APRON of General Aviation. 

In the background you can see the hangars still under construction (today: Lufthansa Aviation).

The old Schoenefeld tower on the south field. Today it has been teared down.

This used to be Schoenefeld's check-in area for scheduled flights. You can read the words 'BERLIN' and 'Deutsche Demokratische RepubliK' (German Democratic Republic) on the hangars. 

Only in the 70s business moved to the airport's north field terminals. 

The picture below shows Ilyushin IL-14 passenger planes (28-32 seats), which were also produced in the GDR under license. The picture was made from the tower, capturing the APRON.

 Thanks to Mr. Peter Kossatz (Berlin) for kindly allowing us to use the pictures for this page.
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