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Your can reach navtec Ltd. via motorway, via country road, by bus or by plane. From our Link page you will obtain a detailed map of streets around Diepnesee vie "Berliner Stadtplan".
If you wish for a detailed access sketch, we would be happy to fax it to you.
You can reach us via the
A113 motorway 
  1. If you start from Berlin, drive south via Adlergestell and then onto the motorway in the direction of Dresden. Or, if you come from the south turn towards Berlin on the Schönefeld junction.
  2. In both cases take the next exit (Berlin-Grünau/Waltersdorf) and turn towards the village of Rotberg or Diepensee or Rotberg. After 400m turn left towards Rotberg.
  3. After 1,9km turn right again  (signposted: Flughafen / GAT*).
  4. Remark : Diepensee may not be signposted anymore since it will be knocked down totally to provide room for the new BBI airport.
  5. Get a visitor's pass at the entrance and ring -8222 to notify the navtec offices. we will pick you up. Do not forget a passport or ID-card.
* GAT = General Aviation Terminal
It is possible to approach the airport directly from the city
via the 
country road.

We recommend this way. 

Take the city motorway in the Neukölln direction until you reach
the last exit „Gradestraße“. Turn left into Gradestraße.
Turn right at the second traffic light into Tempelhofer Weg. Then turn right into Britzer Damm at the first traffic light. 
Follow the street's course for several kilometres.
Pass the city's borders into the village of Groß Ziethen and pass right through it. Attention : frequent speed controls (30 km/h)
Drive straight ahead.
In the village of Kleinziethen turn left Schönefled is indicated now. (In the general direction of the Klärwerk building site). 
In the village of Waßmannsdorf (permanent speed control camera) pass under the railway bridge and then turn right at the very next corner (in the direction of B 96a country road).
Go straight ahead at the traffic light, pass the 
B 96a country road.
Turn left (in the direction of Mittenwalde) at the little square in the village of Selchow.
In the village of Tollkrug turn left in the direction of  Zeuthen/Rotberg.
12. In the village of Rotberg you can't turn left anymore. Turning left would lead to the BBI construction area (south runway). Continue straight ahead.
Continue straight ahead through Kienberg .
Next Junction in the forrest turn left, signpost "Berlin".
Continue straight ahead through Village of Walterdorf, Cross over the Motorway. Leave IKEA to your right.
After  another 200m turn left.
approx. 2km straight ahead, than turn right into the airport area (Signpost "GAT)
Get a visitor's pass at the entrance and ring -8222 to notify navtec's offices. Do not forget a passport or ID card.
by public
  1. Take the suburban rail S9, S45 from the city's center to S-Bahnhof Schönefeld.
  2. Take the 734 bus from there. Leave the bus in Diepensee stop Mitschurinweg.
  3. (Please check for the time table. The bus is'nt running very frequently.
  4. The airport is about  300m from the bus stop.
  5. Get a visitor's pass at the entrance and ring -8222 to notify navtec's offices.
The WGS84 coordinates are: 52 o 22,3 ´ N 
13 o 31,2 ´ E
The frequency of Schoenefeld tower is: 120,025 MHz, we recommend a valid ICAO-map of  the Berlin area.
Likely approach: via Sierra (motorway junction A10/A113)
Park in front of GAT navtec's offices are located in the building next to the hangar at GAT and can be accessed directly from the APRON.

In any case, we recommend to inform us well ahead of your visit, so that we can notify airport security. This reduces formalities, as navtec's offices are located in the high security area of the airport. You must bring an ID or passport to enter the security area of Berlin Schönefeld Airport !